Meet Registered Dieticians Cindy Bekkedam and Leah Mete from Zehrs Health and Wellness at their booth in the Niagara Health Expo, Sat. Oct. 19, Hotel Dieu Shaver, St. Catharines.

Visitors can book an appointment  to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.  Zehrs offers 1 on 1 counselling, as well as individualized shopping tours, and group sessions.

Visit the Zehrs booth for granola bars and other healthy snacks giveaways. 

Pick up pamphlets detailing the nutrition services that Zehrs offers.

Looking to Improve Your Health
  • Personalized Nutrition Services
  • Group Nutrition Services
  • Nutrition Workshops & much more

You may be wondering – what does a Dietitian do in a grocery store?

It’s pretty simple! we are here to help Canadians work towards achieving their wellness goals, and to manage various conditions with Nutrition Therapy.

What makes us different? At the store, our Dietitians can offer a more hands on approach to learning, bridging the gap between the “WHAT do do” and the “HOW to do it”.

Having an entire grocery store as my “teaching tool” has made this part of the job the most fun!   We look forward to meeting you at the Expo.