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Wellspring Niagara

Wellspring _ Niagara Health Expo 2018

Wellspring provides support programs for people on their cancer journey. More than 40 different programs and services are designed to meet your specific needs at Wellspring. Some are designed to help when you’re not feeling well, or if you are dealing with difficult symptoms. Others are intended to help with cancer recovery and restoring your health and wellness. And there are many programs that provide you with the tools, resources and knowledge needed to help you make a transition back into the community and manage your own health on a long-term basis.

Come to the Expo and connect with Wellspring, a welcoming and safe community where you will meet other men, women and children who are living with cancer.

Meet the team from Wellspring Niagara and find your Necklaces of Hope, bracelets or earrings at the Niagara Health Expo on Saturday, October 20th.

Learn how Wellspring provides free social, emotional, psychological, informational and spiritual support to individuals living with cancer, their families and close supporters.

Pick up their information rack cards and donation cards when you visit their booth at our event in the Hotel Dieu Shaver.

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