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volunteers Niagara Health Expo 2018

We believe in personal improvement through community betterment, which is exemplified by the Expo volunteers. Thanks to our volunteers for helping us promote health and wellness in Niagara.

Community involvement instills a sense of purpose, creates friendships, builds self-esteem, & develops career opportunities.  It is wonderful to feel the community spirit from the group of volunteers who have stepped up to help us produce the Expo.

“Together we are collaborating to help people learn how to live well every day.”

Do you want to join our team?
Consider the benefits of volunteerism with the Expo.

Contact Paul Carfagnini,

 Join These Volunteers Who Have Signed Up For The Expo

  • Jana Bataineh
  • Becky Boutthiphon
  • Maria Carfagnini
  • Christina Carfagnini
  • Larissa Dellaventura
  • Lina DiMarco
  • Katherine Fisher
  • Lauren Fleming
  • Jessica Glanzmann
  • Lidia Mateus
  • Shauna Matthews
  • Sara Younes
  • Nikki Nguyen
  • Silvana Nguyen
  • Druh Rebisz
  • Mitchell Scott
  • Pooja Senthil
  • Daphne Zampaloni
  • Brittany Trojek
  • Sarah Trudel
  • Lauren Winter 
  • Maya Younes
  • Daria Kazus
  • Jon-Paul Carfagnini