Sponsor Intro Night

Sponsor Intro Night Niagara Health Expo 2018

Professional networking and event planning was mixed nicely with some fun at the Niagara Health Expo Sponsor Intro Night on October 11th.  The meeting was hosted by Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre in Thorold.

At the evening meeting, event partners in the Niagara Health Expo  reviewed the event plan including set up instructions and other logistics.  Presentations recognized the valuable contributions to the success of the Expo by our loyal sponsors.

On behalf of Presenting Sponsor, Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics,  Laura Pantano expressed their commitment to the community event to be held at the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre where NPO operates a clinic on the Glenridge Avenue site.

In a brief talk, the group also heard from Mary Jane Johnston, Executive Director of the Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation and Director of Communications, Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre.  As the host of the Expo, the Hotel Dieu Shaver appreciates the opportunity to welcome the community to their facility. Mary Jane thanked all the event partners who have collaborated to help produce the fifth annual health fair.  She also offered special recognition to many Expo partners that are also donors to the Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation.

In the Introduction segment of the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to inform the group about their company and what they will be doing at the Expo.  The wide array of healthcare services to be featured at the Expo by more than 30 exhibitors was evident throughout the session which included interesting presentations by:

  • Laura Pantao, Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics / Niagara Wheelchairs & Seating
  • Mary Jane Johnston, Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre
  • Laurie-Ann Whitnall, Thermography Clinic Niagara
  • Rebecca Swift, Niagara Falls Community Health Centre
  • Dr. Sajid (Saj) Syed, DDS, Monarch Dentistry
  • Victoria Britton, Envision Family Eyecare
  • Todd Kreulen, Henderson’s Pharmacy
  • Brian Fletcher, Health, Wellness and Safety Magazine
  • Rob DiFelice, Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre
  • Mackenzie Durwell, Brock University Student Union

The meeting also covered a session on ten tips for exhibitors to maximize their performance at the booth in the Expo.

  1. Be in Front of the Table
  2. Bring A Full Team
  3. Run A Free Prize Raffle & Capture Contact Information
  4. Hand Out Free Promo Items with Your Logo
  5. Stay Hydrated & Nourished
  6. Stand Out In Branded Apparel: Jackets, Shirts, Caps
  7. Create a Line Up
  8. Help Visitors Feel Comfortable
  9. Network And Connect With Other Exhibitors
  10. It’s Show Business – Play Your Role

Following the business side of the meeting, the group took advantage of the professional networking opportunity, a draw for prizes, while enjoying the healthy foods and beverages offered by our gracious hosts from Elio’s.   As the event partners enhanced their professional relationships throughout the Intro Night, we feel strengthened in the collaboration to promote health and wellness in Niagara.  We look forward to connecting with visitors at the Niagara Health Expo on October 20th, 10 am to 2 pm, Hotel Dieu Shaver, St. Catharines. Please spread the word and invite your family, friends, and co-workers to visit the Expo where we will learn to live well every day.