Pita Pit | Official Food Sponsor Niagara Health Expo | Show Special

When visitors attend the Niagara Health Expo, they can try the fresh thinking and healthy eating provided by Pita Pit.  As the official food sponsor for the Niagara Health Expo, Pita Pit will be providing visitors with fresh and healthy Pitas.

At the Niagara Health Expo on October 20th at the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre, visitors can learn about the delicious and nutritious foods provided by Pita Pit.  An exclusive show special will impress us with a delicious deal; $8 for a large pita. Customers can choose from a variety of fresh veggies and toppings including options such as Chicken, Chicken Caser, Steak, Falafel / Vegetarian.

Thanks to Rana Matukaitis, Owner/Operator, Pita Pit St Catharines/Niagara Falls for joining the Niagara Health Expo and helping us add some flavour to the community event.

“Why settle for food that’s not bad, but not great? Why not eat the way you want to live: healthier, more adventurous, more fun? How do you want to eat?  Healthier?  Lighter?  More adventurously?  Pita Pit has made it our mission to give you more and better choices to help you achieve your mission,” said Rana.

Pita Pit has also offered an excellent lunch package for the Expo volunteers and exhibitors at the Expo.

Meet the Pita Pit team at the Expo, or visit Rana’s stores:

  • 311 Geneva Street. (Fairview Mall) St Catharines
  • 275 Fourth Ave., St Catharines
  • 7925 McLeod Road, Niagara Falls

Pictured above in a photo retrieved on Facebook, Dan Girardi, NHL player and Rana, Owner/Operator, Pita Pit St Catharines/Niagara Falls .  Evidently, Dan is the biggest Pita Pit fanatic and has been enjoying Rana’s Pita Pit since day one.  It looks like Pita Pit Niagara Falls/St Catharines is definitely the choice of some pro athletes for a reason, and we have made it the choice for the Niagara Health Expo.  Enjoy!