Pathstone Mental Health

Pathstone Mental Health NiagaraHealthExpo 2019

Speak with the Pathstone representatives at the Niagara Health Expo to learn  how the organization is making a difference in children’s lives. Pick up brochures with information on Pathstone’s mental health resources. 

If you have concerns about mental illness in young children, pre-teens, or adolescents, come to the Expo and connect with Pathstone.  

Speak with the Pathstone team at the Expo to learn about most of their services offered FREE of charge to the children, youth, and families of Niagara.  Pathstone can help.

Pathstone Mental Health provides children’s mental health treatment in the Niagara region.

Pathstone offers a broad spectrum of treatment services and programs, delivered by highly qualified staff to strengthen children and families. The charitable organization serves all children and youth from birth through to their eighteenth birthday.