Niagara Healthcare Networking Connects Practitioners

Niagara healthcare networking health expo

Niagara healthcare networking is what we do to connect practitioners and doctors with the community.

Connecting people in our region with doctors, practitioners, and related organizations is the purpose of the Niagara Health Expo.  Our partners can take advantage of a highly targeted enterprise to share their news, event announcements, photos, videos or other content. It is simple to collaborate with the Expo and publish your information and push the news to our audience.

Pictured above, Lisa Syed, Clinical Thermograhic Technician makes a professional connection with Lisa Serafino-Harper, Manager of Communication Programs, Hotel Dieu Shaver while networking at the Niagara Health Expo 2018.

Please e-mail your submissions to It is simple and free.  Our community based service offers a few promotional opportunities at no charge to our health and wellness community in Niagara.  Let us express our gratitude to all our community partners. This communications service is made possible by the financial support of our sponsors and loyal advertising clients.  

The heart of the Niagara Health Expo is our 6th annual community event which will be held on Saturday, October 19, 2019, Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre, St. Catharines.

With free admission for visitors, our community event is designed to help patients connect directly with Niagara’s leading healthcare practitioners all in one place, on one day at the Expo.   

With the new Niagara Healthcare Directory coming soon, we will also inspire the community to stay informed and embrace a healthy lifestyle every day.  Our goal is to promote local services and clinics by providing the opportunity for all our partners in the community to collaborate and share information.

Through collaborations in the community, we distribute health-related information and publish health related news. You are invited to join us in promoting health and wellness on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn, as well as Intrigue Media community TVs in Niagara. In collaboration with local healthcare providers, we really work to raise their profile online visibility and increase their patient list.  Let’s start by making a connection by subscribing to our newsletter.