How can we keep our eyes healthy?  This is a key question you can answer with the the experts from Enlight Family Eye Clinic.  Learn how to bring their world into focus with proper vision care.

Meet Enlight’s Dr. Bebawy, a Licensed Optometrist and an active member of the college of optometrists of Ontario, the Canadian association of optometrists, and the Ontario association of optometrists.  Ask questions about dry eye syndrome, cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal diseases, computer vision syndrome, among other points of vision care. Visit  the Enlight Family Eye Clinic at 211 Martindale Road, Catharines for eye testing of dry eye and examination of the back the eye. Join the conversation on eye care services and the importance of regular eye exams, including a diabetic eye exam, dry eye condition.



211 Martindale Road, Catharines


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