ENJO was  featured at the 2017 Niagara Health Expo and event visitors offered positive feedback on the  non toxic cleaning products, as well as the knowledgeable representatives.

ENJO is scientifically-proven to clean at least 6 times better than any other cleaning method in the world.  It is the only cleaning product in the world that is proven to clean pore-deep, lifting the dirt and bacteria out of the microscopic crevices of surfaces using only water, leaving no residue behind.  These amazing Austrian fibres are a specially designed advanced fibre technology that is revolutionizing the way people clean all around the world.  ENJO fibres lift and trap the dirt and bacteria, until they are washed out with hot water and soap.

As a trained critical care nurse and ENJOpreneur , Yolanda teaches you how to create a healthier, safer, chemical-free clean environment, using just ENJO and water.  She supports you on your ENJO journey of changing your cleaning habits, while creating your ENJO Makeover at home or at work.  Using ENJO to clean will save you precious time, money, your health and the environment, in addition to having cleaner results.



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