Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre, the business that makes feet happy, has been continually taking steps forward. Since 1970, Elio’s has always continued to evolve. Located at 9 Front Street South in Thorold, it is focusing on four key benefits for clients; – an on-site lab, equipped with the latest technology for its specialists to create custom shoes and foot orthotics; in-house production, ensuring prompt turnaround and quality control. And, by housing production in-house Elio’s creates employment and stimulates the local economy. Today, people from all over the Niagara region travel to Elio’s for their premium selection of footwear by some of the world’s top brand names. Some customers from distant places in Southern Ontario turn to Elio’s for unique solutions to their foot pain. Visit Elio’s during the regular business hours, or contact the office to schedule an appointment for a foot assessment with a Canadian Certified  Pedorthist at Elio’s, 9 Pine St. N., Thorold. Free parking is available and the facility is wheelchair accessible.



9 Pine St. N., Thorold


43.1257952, -79.2039276

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