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Heart to Home Meals Niagara

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Come to the Expo and ask about the diverse range of Heart to Home Meals that meet the needs of people with special requirements:

  • low fat
  • low calorie
  • low sodium
  • texture modified diets.

Looking for nutrition and convenience in your daily meals?  Meet the staff from Heart to Home Meals Niagara at the Niagara Health Expo on October 20 at the Hotel Dieu Shaver.

Learn how to relax and enjoy the things you like to do because we’re taking care of the meals. Heart to Home Meals has over 200 frozen meals, soups and desserts to choose from as well as products for special dietary needs. Each is designed by their chef and dietitian, and as a result you get the great flavour and the necessary nutrition. All you have to do is select the meals, order and our friendly drivers will deliver them direct to your home.

Heart to Home Niagara Health Expo Exhibitor