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What Do You Want Covered By Expert Speakers On Health | Wellness?

Speakers Niagara health expo 2019

What topic on health and wellness do you want a speaker to cover at the Niagara Health Expo?

We see brain boosting nutrition is a trending topic in health and wellness media. The health benefits of probiotic foods are covered frequently in wellness magazines these days. Another subject in the headlines focuses on the alternatives to opioids, which is related to the conversation that connects to news on medical marijuana.

Consider the following topics as a thought-starter for the type of presentations to feature at the Expo:

  • Hemp / CBD for your health.  The demand for hemp products and cannabidiol (CBD) is growing in Canada. Now that Canada has legalized recreational marijuana, Canadians are looking to hemp products and CBD for health reasons. 
  • Canadians are serious about fitness recovery. We noticed that restorative and recovery fitness classes are growing in popularity across the country.
  •   Why cutting back on alcohol is popping up as a healthy lifestyle trend.
  • How to enjoy healthy sleep.  Did you know sleep deprivation is connected to mental health problems and depression?
  • The Mediterranean Diet focuses on eating plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and replacing butter with healthy fats like olive oil.
  • Wellness for our finances.  Less stress about money is good for your health!
  • One-stop shops for wellness

In a speaker session at the Expo in October, Karen Vanscoy plans to show us how your thoughts influence your brain health.  A Mental Health Consultant from Mental Health Solutions, Karen has been an Expo event partner since 2016.

Please help us enhance the event plan by responding directly or sharing the news on our Call for Speakers.  In our search for speakers at the Expo, we are looking for health and wellness experts to make presentations help enhance the visitor experience. We will be looking for your suggestions on the Speaker Sessions as we prepare for the Niagara Health Expo to be held on Saturday, October 19th, at the Hotel Dieu Shaver.

Speakers at the Niagara Health Expo gain an opportunity to give back to the community, raise their profile as experts, and develop leads for new patients. If you have a new product, service or advice to offer to the community, please submit a proposal. Good speaker sessions for us would be newsworthy reports or compelling case studies related to healthcare or wellness topics.

As a free community event open to people of all ages, we are aiming to feature presentations that are practical with tangible takeaways for attendees to learn how to live well every day. Typically, we want speaker sessions to run 15 to 20 minutes followed by 5 – 10 minutes questions and answers.

The Call for Speakers will be open to September 27, 2019.  If you have any questions on our Call for Speakers, email us on the Contact page on We want to hear from you even if you do not intend to step up as a speaker but would be interested in attending a presentation on a specific topic.

Thanks to our Expo Sponsors