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HDS Hearing Aid Clinic

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The Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic at Hotel Dieu Shaver is designed to assist with assessment through to treatment.

Their Audiologist provides and specialized testing for all ages. The HDS Audiology Program team consists of Audiologists who are hearing health-care professionals. They assess, diagnose, and manage hearing difficulties in patients.

The Audiology Services at the Hotel Dieu Shaver are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Do you or a loved one need assistance with a hearing loss? Come to the Niagara Health Expo to learn about the Hotel Dieu Shaver Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic.  Their team provides full Hearing Aid Prescription and Consultation Services based on hearing loss and lifestyle needs, which include: selling Hearing Aids and providing ongoing support of Hearing Aids, FM Systems, and other Assistive Listening Devices. 

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Go to the website to find more information on the HDS Hearing Aid Clinic.