Expo Volunteer Team Needs Many Hands To Make Light Work

volunteers Niagara Health Expo 2019

By helping others in our community, volunteers who join the Niagara Health Expo team will also learn how to help their personal well-being.   We need a few more volunteers to help us because the Expo is a big event.

Keeping this idea in mind, we are happy to say the 6th annual community event is shaping up nicely as we head into the next two weeks of preparation for the Expo on Saturday, October 19th, 9:30 am to 2 pm at the Hotel Dieu Shaver. Volunteers will actually start setting up at 7 am.

At this point, we have a good base of volunteers, but would benefit from a few more people to assist us.  So if you know a person who would be a good fit for the team, please share our event information. 

Thanks to Our Volunteers

We would like to introduce the first group of volunteers who have joined the team.  

It is very important to add a few more volunteers to ensure we can effectively cover all the tasks and take care of visitors and vendors for a successful event. 

Please join us in a big community shout out to our volunteer team members:

  • Beck Karr
  • James Symons
  • Georgina Gardner
  • Jaclyn Gillan
  • Jon-Paul Carfagnini
  • Kara Ippolito
  • Larissa Dellaventura
  • Lauren Winter
  • Maria Carfagnini
  • Nicole McCarthy
  • Nikki Nguyen

Thanks for your support and I look forward to teaming up with you to promote healthy choices in Niagara.

As we continue to collaborate for community betterment, our team will show how results are achieved more quickly and easily when everyone works together.  We know it’s a huge task, but experience show us that many hands make light work.