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Donate To Silent Auction

Silent Auction Niagara Health Expo 2018

How Do Donors Win?

Participating donors will gain exposure for their contribution, including recognition in local media, on site mic announcements, social channels, and posters at the Expo.

Publicity will recognize our silent auction donors for giving back to a local charity our community respects. Submit your gift today ( minimum value of $50) for the silent auction. We will soon start to publicize the promotion.

Silent Auction Donors Wanted Niagara Health Expo 2018Check out the Silent Auction, have fun and support a worthy charity in Niagara.

Stay tuned as we update this page with the list of awesome items you can bid to win.   

Not only with the highest bidder get an awesome item, but 100 percent of the monies raised will go to the Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation to help purchase patient care equipment. 


The Silent Auction at the Niagara Health Expo will be a wonderful win  + win + win.   In it’s special way, as a triple crown open to all people in our community the Silent Auction will produce many winners all around.

  • Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation wins
  • Donors win in many ways
  • Visitors get to view a beautiful display of gifts and highest bidders win


100 % of proceeds go to Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation

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