Bunting and Carlton Health and Wellness Centre Grand Opening

Congratulations from the Niagara Health Expo to Dr. Paul Oladipo and everyone at Bunting and Carlton Health and Wellness Centre on the grand opening of the prestigious facility in St. Catharines. The one stop shop for healthcare was officially unveiled at a community event on Friday, December 1, 2017. Local dignitaries including MP Chris Bittle, MPP Jim Bradley, Regional Chair Alan Caslin, and Mayor St. Catharines, Walter Sendzik applauded Dr. Oladipo and the developers of the project in the northeast section of the city. Bill Markham opened the presentation with an inspirational message and united the audience in a prayer of thanks to God.  The centre currently includes Bunting-Carlton Medical Clinic Cornerstone Therapy and Wellness , & Carlton Corners Pharmasave .   As an integrated healthcare facility, the centre offers patients a convenient point for services such as urgent care in the walk-in clinic with numerous physicians, a family practice with a pharmacy ,  as well as, chiropractic care, massage therapy, phsyiotherapy among other services on site. Two office spaces are available for leasing to compliment the health and wellness facility.   It is great for us to see local professionals collaborating to provide better healthcare services in Niagara.